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High Pressure Supercritical/Subcritical Extraction

Eden Labs values research and continual improvement. As such, we offer the most advanced extraction technology available today. There are a variety of effective and efficient extraction solvents available. Eden Labs offers multiple systems to best utilize these elements. 

Supercritical CO2

Eden Labs has been working with SFE-CO2 (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) since 1997. Since then, Eden Labs has continuously improved the processes and the technologies. Our goals are to optimize existing products and develop new, high-quality solutions for a variety of markets using our latest designs. A combination of extensive extraction experience and advanced mechanical technology create optimal outcomes. Such results include shorter extraction times, wider range of use, energy efficiency and cost effective, tailored solutions which give our customers an edge.

There are several advantages when using SFE-CO2. The first is the versatility it offers when pinpointing the desired components one wishes to extract from a material. Second, the end product has virtually no residual solvent, as CO2 evaporates. SFE-CO2 is often the method of choice for applications designed to extract flavors and aromas. Additionally, this method is gaining momentum in the high-growth sector of plant substances used in nutraceuticals and food supplements. In these industries, the requirements for purity are exceptionally high and conventional methods are not up to the challenge. SFE-CO2 meets the toughest process standards and delivers results, including higher yields. Such considerations make SFE-CO2 an alternative well worth considering.

New Hi-flo Supercritical System

Eden Lab's latest generation, just released in April 2013 is named the Hi-flo Supercritical system. It has revolutionized the Supercritical CO2 extraction application. From a functional perspective, this new technology extracts 3-4 times faster than any of our competition, including our older systems. If you have an older Eden Labs system and want an upgrade, we can significantly improve your extraction times and reduce energy expenditures. Please see our Hi-flo retrofit kit in our online store.

 See our CO2 and high-pressure equipment. A wider range of end product is available utilizing our Coldfinger Distillers in conjunction with the compressed gas extractors. Ask us how by filling out the consulting contact form or read though the processes on the Distillation or Coldfinger pages.

Recirculating Supercritical CO2 Unit (Closed loop system)

The intent of this research is to find a way to recover and re-use the gases in a way that does not require additional compressors and pressure vessels which add cost and complexity to previous generations of extractors. Eden Labs discovered that the recirculating design recovers gases more efficiently and adds stability to the process. Older methods of supercritical extraction begin with a cylinder of CO2 or other gas.The gas is fed in a liquid state into a pump which sends it through a pressure vessel. The vessel is packed with the material intended for extraction. The extract-saturated gas then de-pressurizes into a separator vessel. The de-pressurization causes the extract to fall out and the gas to exit the vessel. CO2 is typically vented off. 

The original method possesses some undesirable side effects. First, the initial tank depressurizes and cools as the liquefied gas drains from it. This results in cavitation (bubbles or voids) in the pumps. In turn, there are variations in temperature and pressure across the system. Eden Lab's new systems maintain a steady state. Once the parameters of temperature and pressure are set, everything remains steady. The operator can walk away from the process and tend to other duties. Simply close a valve and the remaining gas is pumped back into the storage vessel and the extract can be drained from the system.

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